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Georgia Agriculture Awareness Week

This year marks a significant milestone for the Georgia Department of Agriculture as we celebrate the Department's 150th anniversary of service to the people of Georgia and our state's #1 industry. We're thrilled to embark on a year full of exciting events, including 2024 Georgia Ag Week, March 18th through March 24th, to celebrate the contributions of Georgia's farmers and farm families to the success of Georgia Agriculture.

During this week-long celebration, we'll shine a spotlight on the remarkable individuals, vibrant communities, dedicated organizations, and exceptional products that make Georgia nature's favorite state.

Come together with us to highlight the invaluable contributions to food production, sustainability, and rural development. Participate in engaging educational programs, immersive farm tours, and lively community events aimed at fostering greater awareness of agriculture's profound impact on our lives. Don't forget to share your experiences on social media and tag us as you join in the festivities! Let's celebrate agriculture together! #GaAgWeek; #GeorgiaGrown; #GDA150

Ag Week Events

AG Week Photo Contest

Photo submissions begin on March 11, 2024, and the deadline for submissions is March 25, 2024, at 5 PM.

Monday - March 18th

Hands-On School Garden Day - Can you dig it? Horticultural products contributed $10.1 billion dollars to Georgia's economy in 2023.

Tuesday March 19th

Lead the Way Tuesday - The future of Georgia agriculture lies in the hands of our students.

Wednesday - March 20th

Ag Hero Day - Unsung heroes across the state wake up early each morning and go to bed long after dark

Thursday - March 21st

Ag Literacy Day - The purpose of Ag Literacy Day is to increase agricultural literacy among children....

Friday - March 22nd

Fork in the Road Friday - Join us on our journey as we highlight agriculture and cuisine across our great state.

Saturday - March 23rd

Buy Georgia Grown Day - Support your neighbors by purchasing and promoting Georgia Grown products.

Sunday - March 24th

Sip & Shop Local Sunday -It’s Sunday Funday at Georgia’s Food and Wine Festival! Join us from 11 AM - 5 PM

Mobile Dairy Classroom

Grades K-5: Schedule a Visit by the Georgia Mobile Dairy Classroom to Georgia Schools