Mobile Dairy Classroom

Grades K-5: Schedule a Visit by the Georgia Mobile Dairy Classroom to Georgia Schools

The Mobile Dairy Classroom is a dynamic and fun educational program operated by the Agricultural Commodity Commission for Milk. The 30 ft. Mobile Dairy Classroom features a fully operational milking parlor containing a live cow for milking and feeding demonstrations. The program aims to give children and adults a better understanding of where milk comes from, how it is processed, the healthy benefits of consuming dairy products, and dairy farmers' management of natural resources. 

Presentations range from 25 - 45 minutes, and the program content is adjusted based on audience interest and age level. Program content may include:
Milk Production:

  • Life cycles, animal feeding, nutrition, ruminant digestive system, lactation cycle, the milking process, variety of dairy cow breeds, dairy product processing, and manufacturing process.

Dairy Product Nutrition and Composition:

  • This is an overview of food products originating from milk, vitamins and minerals from dairy products, and the overall importance of dairy products as part of a healthy diet.

Requirements for reserving the Mobile Dairy Classroom:

  • The school must be located in the state of Georgia.
  • Approval from a school administrator or principal.
  • A minimum of 50 ft for truck and trailer parking.
  • Completion and submission of Mobile Dairy Classroom
  • Complete the program survey immediately following the MDC visit.

Additional information and scheduling form are available at

Mobile Dairy Classroom

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