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The Georgia Department of Agriculture's Dairy Section licenses and regulates facilities in Georgia:

  • Grade A dairy farms

  • Grade A dairy plants

  • Grade A single service plants

  • Cheese plants

  • Ice cream plants

  • Frozen dessert plants

  • Tanker wash facilities

  • Dairy warehouses

Inspectors within the Dairy Section monitor safety of dairy products sold or produced in Georgia. They collect samples of raw and finished dairy products for analyses and conduct tests on pasteurization equipment to verify proper pasteurization.

Affected by COVID-19 or other problems?

The Farmer to Farmer Support Program of the Georgia Milk Producers website offers support and resources.  

License Types


  • Dairy Plant (Grade-A) License

  • Dairy Plant (Non Grade-A) License

  • Single-Service Plant License

  • Substation License


  • Bulk Tank Sampler Permit

  • Dairy Farm Permit

  • Dairy Goat Farm Permit

  • Raw Milk for Human Consumption Permit

Laws & Regulations

Regulations for dairy establishments are specified in chapter 40-2 of the Agriculture Rules.

The Grade A Pasteurized Milk Ordinance is published by the Food and Drug Administration.

Laws and Regulations

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