Sorting Nectarines

Food & Fuel

The Georgia Department of Agriculture (GDA) works to protect Georgia consumers.  We monitor food manufactured and sold within the State, as well as all fuel stations and weighing locations.  We also post a weekly list of recalls.


Food Safety

Consumer and business resources on keeping food safe and on food recalls.

Retail Food

Licensing and resources for food retailers (grocers, convenience stores, bakeries, markets, etc.) and cottage/home-kitchen foods.

Manufactured Food

Licensing and resources for food manufacturers (those who process food and sell to grocers, restaurants or warehouses) including dairy and seafood safety regulation.

Fuel & Measures

Regulation and monitoring of fuel stations and scales.

Warehouse & Bonding

Licensed and bonded warehouse operators and dealers in agricultural products

Produce Safety

Working with fruit and vegetable farmers to make sure they meet Federal safety requirements.