Structural Pest Consumer Information

To encourage compliance and help Georgia consumers, the Structural Pest Section will inspect structures that have been serviced by pest control companies. You can request an inspection if:

  • A licensed pest control company has been hired to control wood-destroying organisms such as termites, wood boring beetles, or wood decay fungi.
  • A structure was treated for a wood-destroying organism by a licensed pest control company within the last five years, or the contract has expired within the last two years.
  • You discover an incomplete or inaccurate Georgia Wood Infestation Inspection Report (also known as a “termite letter”) when purchasing a home.
  • Harmful structural pesticide applications are being used in a school while children are present.
  • There’s a conflict between two licensed pest control companies.
  • A pest control company is operating without a license.

To request an inspection, complete the Structural Pest Control Inspection Request Form and send it to or fax it to 404-463-6671.

Inspection Process

If your inspection request is assigned, a structural pest control field agent will contact you to set a time to meet at the property. They’ll ask questions, request copies of contracts, service tickets, or letters, and gather physical evidence. The agent may also contact the pest control company to collect relevant information. Once the inspection file is complete, the field agent will submit the file and report to the Structural Pest Control Section for enforcement review.

If violations are found, the offending company may receive a warning letter, a demand for corrective action, a monetary penalty, an additional training order or license modifications. The process can take as little as a few days or as long as a few months. The SPS doesn’t handle settlements, service issues, collection, billing, refunds, or warranty enforcement.

Important Information

  • Contracts are required for all structural pest control services.
  • Property owners can make pesticide applications to their own property. For more information on pesticide use, go to Read the Label First.
  • A list of pest control companies, certified operators, and applicators is available through the Georgia Department of Agriculture.
  • All service and sales vehicles used for pest control must be permanently marked with the company’s name and location.
  • Upon request, a company must show you a GDA pest control business license and provide a copy for you if needed.
  • You can check online or call 404-656-3641 to verify a company’s licensing status.
  • At time of service, pest control companies must provide you with a service record that includes the company name, phone number, date of application, name, amount, and concentration of the pesticide being used, target pest, specific areas treated, application method, technician name and any pertinent post-application information.