Food Safety Complaints

Making a Complaint

Do you have a complaint concerning a facility regulated by the GDA Food Safety Division? Call or email our headquarters at the number shown below, or contact the District Office where the facility is located. We respond promptly to complaints about unsanitary conditions or food handling practices, and we’ll help with the investigation of foodborne illness outbreaks.

Please provide your name, contact number and email address, and include this information:

  • Name & address (street, city) of the facility.

  • Date of observation(s).

  • Date the product(s) were purchased and/or date(s) they were eaten.

  • If illness is being reported, when did the symptoms start? How many people are ill in the household? Note: If an illness is confirmed by lab results, doctor's report and/or discharge papers, contact the local health department as well.

GDA can only handle problems with facilities we license. For other areas:

  • If the food was prepared at a restaurant or food service facility, contact the local health department.

  • If the food was not prepared, handled, or packaged on-site at the facility, contact FDA's Georgia Consumer Complaint Coordinator at (404) 669-4467.

  • If the problem involves meat or poultry products, call the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The USDA hotline is 1-800-535-4555.

  • If you're currently suffering from a foodborne illness, call the Georgia Department of Public Health's 24/7 Public Health Emergency Line: 1-866-PUB-HEALTH (1-866-782-4584).

Contact our Consumer Complaints staff