Food Establishment Business Plans

Food Sales establishments must submit business plans for review whenever they have:

  • New construction,

  • Renovations, or

  • Conversions of existing structures.

You can use our template forms: Food Safety Universal Business Plan (PDF) or Food Safety Universal Business Plan (MS Word).

The plans and specifications for a food establishment must include – as required by the department based on the type of operation, type food preparation and foods prepared – the following information to demonstrate conformance with regulation provisions:

  1. Description of food products to be sold, held for sale or processed for intended consumption by the end consumer

  2. Planned food service operations, including the following information:

    1. If the proposed food service operations are to be conducted by the license applicant, or if the food service operations will be separately owned and operated

    2. The approximate square footage of food preparation areas and consumer seating areas utilized for the food service operations

  3. Proposed layout, mechanical schematics, construction materials and finish schedules (see Food Establishment Building Plans).

  4. Proposed equipment types, manufacturers, model numbers, locations, dimensions, performance capacities and installation specifications

  5. Evidence that standard procedures that ensure compliance with the requirements of these regulations are developed or are being developed

  6. Other information that may be required by the department for the proper review of the proposed construction, conversion or modification and procedures for operating a food establishment

We will complete the business plan reviews within 7-10 business days upon receipt of the required documents.

Submit plans to the program you are working with