Food Establishment Building Plans

If you’re opening a food sales business of any kind, you must submit building plans to the Georgia Department of Agriculture (GDA). Blueprint reviews and plan approval are required before you build, renovate/convert, or change the type of food your business produces. The program team will decide if you require a license and whether your planned facility is adequate for the business you propose.

Submit the following plans for review:

  • Floor Plan,
  • Plumbing Plan,
  • Equipment Plan (including cut sheets), and
  • Finish Plan (materials used on your floors, walls, and ceilings)

Email building plans as PDF files to the email address below, if files are too large it may be necessary to email each PDF separately. There is no plan review application or plan review fee required for the review. Please allow 7-14 business days upon receipt of the required sheets for us to either recommend changes, or issue an approval letter.

Submit plans to