Licenses and Bonding for Warehouses and Dealers in Ag Products

Important: You must provide proof of citizenship or legal residency when you apply for a license. GDA requires S&V (Secure & Verifiable) documents for all licensees. See the S&V Details page and S&V FAQ for complete information.

Reminder: Please make sure your mailing address, email, and phone number are up-to-date, and that your voicemail is not full.  There will be a delay in getting your license if we need to reach you but don't have usable contact information.

If you are licensing one of the following facilities, you will need to be bonded.  Please contact Jason Wamba directly to review your specific situation.

  • Cotton Warehouses
  • Cotton Dealers
  • Grain Warehouses
  • Grain Dealers
  • Tobacco Warehouses
  • Tobacco Dealers
  • Dealers in Agricultural Products
  • Brokers and Sales Agents of Agricultural Products
  • Distributors of Agricultural Products
  • Livestock/Equine Sales Establishments
  • Livestock/Equine Dealers
  • Livestock/Equine Brokers and Livestock Sales Agents

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