Instructions for Certificates of Free Sale


Please provide the following information on your cover sheet EVERY TIME certificates are requested:


  1. Email your request to the contact email shown below.
  2. The Department has several sections that provide certificates. Please indicate whether your certificate request should be handled by the:
    • Food Safety Program
    • Ag Inputs Program (Animal Feed, Fertilizer, and Pesticides), or
    • Plant Protection Program
  3. Provide the Name and Address of the company licensed with the Georgia Department of Agriculture which should appear on the Certificate.
  4. Provide the Specific Type of Certificate needed (i.e. Certificate of Free Sale, Certificate of Free Trade, Certificate of Health, Certificate of Sanitary, etc.). A Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Statement is available upon request.
  5. For billing, mailing & invoice purposes, please provide the Company Name, Address and Contact Person who should receive an invoice from the Department. An invoice for payment will be sent along with the requested Certificates. Only checks, money orders or cash (received in person at the Department’s Offices in Atlanta) are accepted at this time.
  6. List the Number of Certificates needed. The fee for each certificate is ten dollars ($10).
  7. List the Products (food or beverage) that are to be listed on the Certificates. Please use product/brand names or descriptive terms, allowing us to properly ensure only food/beverages will appear on the Certificates.
  8. List the name of the Country of Export. (optional)
  9. Shipping labels from your chosen Delivery Service (DHL, Fed Ex, or UPS) must be generated and accompany your certificate request.
  10. Certificates are processed upon approval and according to the order in which they were received.

Apostille Seals

We do not provide Apostille Seals. Please go to the Georgia Superior Court Clerk’s Cooperative Authority (GSCCCA) website:

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