FIFRA Section 24c, Special Local Need

Section 24(c) of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) allows for registration of a pesticide product as a Special Local Need (SLN).

Special local need means an existing or imminent pest problem within Georgia for which the GDA has determined an appropriate federally registered pesticide product is not sufficiently available.

Special local needs may include a new method or timing of application, new crop/new site, new pest, changed rate, application in particular soil type, new product/different formulation, and products useful in managing pesticide resistance in a particular crop.

Section 24(c) SLN labels are valid only in the state of issue. Persons must have in their possession a valid Georgia SLN label when using a pesticide pursuant to a section 24(c) SLN registration.

EPA Information

EPA reviews SLN registrations and may disapprove the state registration if:

  • The use is not covered by necessary tolerances.
  • The use has been previously denied, disapproved, suspended or canceled by the Administrator or voluntarily canceled subsequent to a notice concerning health or environmental concerns.

Section 24c Conditions

Under the authority of section 24(c) of FIFRA, Georgia may register a new end use product for any use, or an additional use of a federally registered pesticide product, if the following conditions exist:

  1. There is a special local need for the use within the state.
  2. The use is covered by necessary tolerances (maximum amount of pesticide residue allowed in or on a food or feed commodity), exemptions or other clearances under the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act if the use is a food or feed use.
  3. Registration for the same use has not previously been denied, disapproved, suspended or cancelled by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), or voluntarily cancelled by the registrant subsequent to issuance by EPA of a notice of intent to cancel that registration because of health or environmental concerns about an ingredient contained in the pesticide product, unless such denial, disapproval, suspension or cancellation has been superseded by subsequent action of the EPA.
  4. The registration is in accord with the purposes of FIFRA.

Section 24c Application

What We Look For:

Please feel free to submit your 24c application request to our Pesticide Program Manager for review. Generally, we look for the following when reviewing 24c label requests:

  1. EPA Application for Notification of State Registration form No. 8570-25
  2. A draft SLN label
  3. The current Section 3 container label
  4. Registrant letter of support
  5. Letter(s) of support
    1. from a qualified, knowledgeable expert(s)
    2. organizations, grower associations, etc.

Current Special Local Need Labels 

SLN No.CompanyProduct (Label)UseLabel Exp. Date
GA-240004Valent USABelay Insecticide
240004 Label
For control of Asian citrus psyllid 
and other pests on non-bearing citrus trees
GA-240003AMVAC Chemical CorporationHinder
240003 Label
A deer repellent for use on cotton12/31/2029
GA-240002PBI/Gordon CorporationVexis Herbicide Granular
240002 Label
for use within bare root Loblolly 
and Slash Pine Seedling Beds
GA-240001ISK Biosciences CorporationTIAFENACIL 339SC 
240001 Label
Reduced Plant Back Interval for Peanut 
in the State of Georgia
GA-230003SyngentaReflex Herbicide
230003 Label
sweet potatoes - weed control12/31/2028
GA-230002BayerAliette WDG Fungicide
230002 Label
citrus - alternaria brown rot, 
phytophthora root rot
GA-230001SyngentaDual Magnum Herbicide
230001 Label
berries - weed control12/31/2027
GA-220005Douglas Products & PackagingProFume
220005 Label
>non-food commodities - quarantine 
& wood insect pests
GA-220006GA Fruit & Vegetable Growers 
Chateau EZ Herbicide
220006 Label
row middles of fruiting, cucurbit, 
and brassica head/stem vegetables - weed control
GA-220003BayerAlion Herbicide
220003 Label
citrus < 1 yr - weed control12/30/2027
GA-220004BayerMovento MPC Insecticide
220004 Label
citrus during bloom - asian citrus 
GA-220002AZ Cotton Research & Protection
Aspergillus flavus AF36 Prevail
220002 Label
cotton & corn - aflatoxin 
producing fungi
GA-210002Valent USAKnack IGR
210002 Label
vegetative cotton - whitefly12/31/2025
GA-110008SyngentaReflex Herbicide
110008 Label
transplanted tomatoes & 
peppers - weed control
GA-040010Corteva AgriscienceStrongarm 
040010 Label
Postemergence Application for Suppression
of Tropical Spiderwort (Commelina benghalensis) 
Control in Peanuts
GA-040007Dow AgroSciences (now Corteva)Stinger herbicide 
040007 Label
strawberry - PE weed control----
GA-140002SyngentaReflex Herbicide
140002 Label
pumpkin, squash & watermelon - weed 
GA-150002GA Fruit & Vegetable Growers 
Chateau Herbicide SW
150002 Label
row middles of fruiting, cucurbit, 
and brassica head/stem vegetables - weed control
GA-150003Valent USASelectMax Herbicide
150003 Label
listed vegetables w/o adjuvant - control 
of annual grasses
GA-170004GowanTreflan HFP
170004 Label
turnip roots - weed control12/31/2027
GA-200004Dow AgroSciences (now Corteva)Indar 2F Fungicide
200004 Label
apples - fungal diseases12/31/2025


  • Nick Sumner
    Pesticide Program Manager (404) 656-4958