Euthanasia Information Sheet

General Information

All businesses or persons licensed with the Georgia Department of Agriculture (GDA) who are practicing euthanasia must comply with all relevant state rules. All laws and rules, along with relevant forms, can be found at our main Pets page.

Documents requiring a signature must be signed. All required documents must be available for inspection at the address listed on the animal shelter license. 

Storing Regulated Drugs

You must have a current D.E.A. registration that contains the licensed veterinarian’s name and the address of the place where the regulated drugs are stored. Controlled substance storage must be approved by the GDA.

Certification of Layperson Performing Euthanasia

A Euthanasia Certification Letter must contain the name of each layperson certified to perform euthanasia and the methods they’re certified to use. It must be signed and dated by a licensed veterinarian. 

To add or delete a certified layperson, you need to submit a new Euthanasia Certification Letter that lists all current certified laypersons. Each letter supersedes the previous letter. It must be on file at the address listed on the current GDA license. Email a copy to the GDA Companion Animal/Equine office.

Layperson Performing Euthanasia by Injection

A layperson performing euthanasia must use, in order of preference, intravenous, intraperitoneal, or intracardial injections. A Euthanasia Controlled Substance Form must be on file at the address listed on the GDA license. 

The layperson performing the euthanasia and the witness to the euthanasia must sign the Euthanasia Controlled Substance Form.