Breweries, Distilleries & Wineries: Direct On-Premise Sales

Breweries and distilleries can sell directly to consumers from their premises as long as they follow these rules:

  • They must sell directly to the consumer, whether the product is consumed on or off the premises;

  • They must follow local laws governing hours of operation;

  • All state and local sales taxes must be paid;

  • Sales and consumption limits must be observed, as shown in the listing below.


Malt Beverage

Distilled Spirits

Total annual barrel limit for direct sales
(includes sales for consumption on and off the premises)

3,000 barrels

500 barrels

Limits for sales for consumption off the premises
(per person, per day)

288 oz.
(one case)

2,250 ml.
(e.g., up to three
750 ml bottles)

Definition of "barrel"

31 gal.

53 gal.


Food Service at Breweries and Distilleries

Breweries. wineries and distilleries can sell food at their manufacturing facility. They must obtain a food service permit from the local health department, and they’re required to follow the rules of the Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) and local regulations regarding food preparation and related operations.

The GDA's Manufactured Food Section regulates all manufacturing and wholesale distribution at breweries, wineries and distilleries when the product is sold in packaged form off site. Some facilities may have to obtain a food service permit from the local board of health as well as a food sales establishment license from the GDA.

You need a permit from the GDA when:

  • Your facility manufactures products for off-site wholesale distribution only OR your facility provides both off-site wholesale distribution and on-site sales/tasting. Food preparation, plating or serving by staff is not permitted. Pre-packaged food may be sold if your facility is approved and licensed. Glasses may be single-use, take-home souvenir, or reusable glassware washed on site. 

  • Any food service is provided by an outside business and your facility isn’t used for preparation or storage of any food, utensils or equipment. For example, a winery contracts with a wedding caterer, or a brewery invites a mobile food truck to provide food options for its customers.

See our Manufacturers Program page for more information.

You’ll need a permit from your local health department when:

  • Your facility manufactures and packages for ON SITE sales only; and/or
  • You hold a GDA food sales establishment license AND serve food to customers that is prepared on site. This includes washing and slicing fruits, vegetables or cheeses; cooking; or plating food for the customers by the staff. The permitted kitchen must be separated from the rest of the facility so food preparation and making alcoholic products are segregated.

  • The only wholesale function of your operation is for specific special events.

Note: A "Brew Pub" will always be regulated by the local health authority. It manufactures its own beer but must also offer another brand of alcohol, and at least 50% of its sales must be food. These operations will require additional GDA licensing if the alcohol is packaged and sold to a distributor for outside sales. See our Retail Food Program page for more information.