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Matthew Kulinski
Telephone: 404-656-3680
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Dear Vidalia® Onion Grower/Packer:

Below you will find the Vidalia® Onion Registration Application and Certification Mark License Agreement. If you have grown and plan to sell Vidalia® onions this year, both forms must be completed and returned to this office by March 1. Any application received after this date may result in assessment of a penalty for late registration. PLEASE REMEMBER TO COMPLETE AND SIGN THE CERTIFICATION MARK LICENSE AGREEMENT ALSO. 

You will note that all questions, especially information on varieties, seed, plants and labeling, must be answered in their entirety. Failure to complete all information, or to sign the forms, may result in delayed or incomplete registration. A copy of the Rules for Vidalia® onions is also provided below. Please read them carefully.

Application for use of the "Vidalia®" certification mark on processed products
Application for use of the "Vidalia®" certification mark on meat and frozen processed products
Vidalia® Onion Processed Products Royalty/Fee Report for shelf stable products
Vidalia® Onion Processed Products Royalty/Fee Report for frozen and meat products
Vidalia® Onion Licensee Reporting Form

Return all completed forms to this office at the following address:

Georgia Department of Agriculture
Marketing Division, Room 324
19 Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, SW
Atlanta, Georgia 30334-4201

You may also fax the completed forms to my attention at 404-656-9380, or e-mail them to my attention at the address below, if you have the ability to email the signed and dated forms.

Thank you for your cooperation. If we may offer further assistance, please contact our office.


Matthew Kulinski
Director of Markets

For more information on Vidalia® Onions, go to the Vidalia® Onion Committee Web Site at:

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