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Market Bulletin FAQs

Market Bulletin FAQs

How do I submit an ad to the Farmers and Consumers Market Bulletin?

There are three ways to submit your ad:

Please be aware of special licenses and reports required for ads submitted in certain categories. Learn more about our advertising requirements here.

I just sold the item I am advertising in the Market Bulletin. How do I cancel that ad?
Please call us at 404.656.3722 during regular business hours, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Monday Friday, to cancel an ad or make a change.

There is a mistake in my ad. What do I do?
Please call us at 404.656.3722 during regular business hours, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Monday Friday. We will run the corrected ad twice more in the appropriate category.

How many words am I allowed to use in my ad?
The maximum word limit for ads in all categories is 25, including your name, city and contact info.

How often can I run my ad?
All ads are scheduled to run for two consecutive issues. Please call us at 404.656.3722 if you wish to discuss an alternate schedule.

How do I submit an item for the Bulletin Calendar of Events?
Mail your calendar entry to the address above or email it to You may also fax your notice to us using the fax number above. Calendar items must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the publication date of the paper.

Calendar announcements must include the following information: Date of the event, Organization sponsoring the event, Name of the event, Address where the event will be held, and Contact/registration info (phone number, website and/or email address)

How do I submit an item to the Livestock Sales and Events Calendar?
Follow the same procedure above. Notices for auctions selling items other than livestock must include the auction license number of the principal auctioneer or auction firm conducting the auction, per regulations of the Georgia Secretary of State. Notices without this information will not be published.

For other questions about the Bulletin Calendar of Events and/or the Livestock Sales and Events Calendar, please contact Associate Editor Jay Jones at 404.656.3722 or

Is there a fee to advertise in the Market Bulletin?
Classifieds are free to subscribers. An annual subscription to the paper costs $10 and includes online access.

How do I subscribe to the Farmers and Consumers Market Bulletin?
You may subscribe online using a Visa or MasterCard; by calling our Consumer Call Center at 800.282.5852; or by mailing your check or money order for $10 to:

Georgia Department of Agriculture
Att: Market Bulletin
P.O. Box 742510
Atlanta, GA 30374



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