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Georgia Grown Vidalia® Onions

Vidalia® onions are sweet onions grown exclusively in a 20-county region in Georgia, but loved by consumers in parts of the world.  Their mild, sweet taste makes Vidalia® onions more versatile than onions with a stronger taste.

Vidalia® onions are available from late April through mid-November.  The crop is planted from September through February each year, with 70, 000 plants produced on each acre.

Similar onions are grown in other parts of the country, but the combination of sandy soil and mild climate provide the Vidalia® onion with its distinct flavor.

Vidalia® onions are a good source of vitamin C and dietary fiber.

A Buyers Guide to Vidalias®

  • Vidalia® onions should have a light, golden-brown exterior and a milky white interior.  They should be rounded on the bottom and slightly flat on top.
  • Vidalia® onions bruise fairly easily, so handle them with care.
  • To enjoy Vidalia® onions longer than the 10-12 weeks they're available each year, buy in large quantities and store them properly.
  • Keep  Vidalia® onions cool, dry and separate to ensure they stay fresh.
  • Or, store them in the legs of old, clean, sheer pantyhose.  Tie a knot between each onion, and cut the knot when you are ready to use it.  Hang Vidalia® onions in a cool, dry, well ventilated area. 
  • Vidalia® onions also can be stored on racks or screens as long as they don't touch and are kept in a cool place.
  • To freeze a whole Vidalia® onion, peel, wash, core and place onion in freezer bag.  Frozen onions should be used for cooking, because freezing changes their texture.

Best Ways to Enjoy Vidalias®

  • Vidalia® onions are perfect in a wide variety of salads and sandwiches, where other onions might be overpowering in taste.
  • Top hamburgers and steaks with thick slices of Vidalia® onions for added flavor.
  • For a delicious side dish, Vidalia® onions taste great grilled, baked, or all by themselves.
  • Whole Vidalia® onions can be stuffed in a variety of ways.  Try them with cheese, mushrooms or spinach.

Fun Facts about Vidalias®

  • Vidalia® onions are Georgia's state vegetable.
  • Vidalia® onions were first grown more than 60 years ago in Toombs County, Georgia by Mose Coleman.  Coleman was surprised to find the onions he planted tasted sweet, not hot.
  • When Coleman's sweet onions garnered a high price, other farmers began planting onions
  • Tourists who bought sweet onions at the Vidalia Farmers' Market coined the name "Vidalia® onion."
  • By the mid-1970s, there were more than 600 total acres of  Vidalia® onions.
  • Vidalia® onions have a higher water and sugar content than other onions.
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