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Georgia Cotton Commission Pleased with Referendum Vote

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March 16, 2016

contact: Chris Chammoun


GCC Pleased with Referendum Vote

From February 8 – March 8, 2016 Georgia cotton producers had the opportunity to vote for the continuation of the $1 per bale assessment to fund the programs of the Georgia Cotton Commission. By law, producers must vote on each commodity commission in Georgia every three years. The final tally of votes recorded by the Georgia Department of Agriculture shows an 87% favorable vote.

Mike Lucas, Chairman of the Georgia Cotton Commission and a Bleckley County producer, said that he is “pleased with the 87% vote by our growers, because we still have many issues ahead for cotton in Georgia.” Lucas says that the Commission’s research, promotion, and education programs have provided value to the Georgia cotton producer since 1965. He notes that 2016 will be even a greater challenge for growers than 2015 and one of the toughest years in many farmers’ lives. “We hope for better prices and lower input cost in 2016. On the policy front, we think a cottonseed PLC/ARC program is important even though Secretary Vilsack has said he won’t sign off on it,” says Lucas.

“Right now the industry is still discussing the possibility of a cost-share program with USDA for ginning assistance from the 2015 season. While this is not a silver bullet, it should help Georgia growers during these tough times,” notes Lucas.

For more information about the Georgia Cotton Commission’s programs of research, promotion, and education, please visit or call 478-988-4235.


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