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Consumer FAQs

Is a contract required for a company to provide household or structural pest control?

Yes, a contract shall be issued even for one time service to the property owner or owner’s agent covering all pest management services.

Can one make pesticide applications to their private property?

Yes, as the property owner, you can make pesticide applications to your own property. For more information on pesticide use go to Read the Label First.

Is a list of pest control companies, certified operators, and applicators available through the Georgia Department of Agriculture?

Yes, it’s not wise to use an unlicensed pest control operator. An unlicensed pest control operator may lack the experience and training to apply pesticides safely and effectively. The regulations require that all service and sales vehicles used for pest control be permanently marked with the company’s name and the city where the firm is located.

The Georgia Department of Agriculture issues pest control business license to all currently licensed pest control companies, and you may request the company to supply you with a copy of this document. You can check online to verify licensing status at Search for Licensed Pest Control Companies & Employees. You are always welcome to contact our office and verify that the company/applicator is licensed. We can be reached at 404-656-3641, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (except for holidays).

How do I get information on the pesticides used at/on my property?

Pest control companies are required to provide the customer a service record at time of service including the following information each time a pesticide is applied: company name, phone number, date of application, complete brand name of the pesticide, amount and concentration of the pesticide, target pest, specific areas treated, application method, technician name and the post-application information pertaining to the pesticide product applied, as provided on the label for the product. Contact your pest control company to obtain additional information.


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