Georgia Department of Agriculture

Constituent Services

Telephone: 404-656-3600
Fax: 404651-8206

Carol King


The Georgia Department of Agriculture provides a direct linkage between the residents of Georgia and the Georgia Department of Agriculture in an effort to make Georgia a safer, cleaner, healthier state by providing quality customer service in a cost efficient manner and foster good community relations.

The Office of Constituent Services (OCS) acts as the Commissioner's representatives to the community at large to ensure that residents of Georgia are receiving Georgia Department of Agriculture's services in a cost efficient and timely manner. OCS addresses resident's concerns and complaints by collaborating with department divisions and offers an avenue for residents to voice their concerns and suggestions on improvements of state services. Additionally, OCS provides information on a variety of issues and makes appropriate referrals to other government entities and human services programs.

By working with state residents, the agriculture community and other constituent, the OCS develops proactive methods to resolve issues and crisis situations. Staff members attend community meetings to keep Georgians informed of agriculture services and works to resolve any issues that they may be facing.



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