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Commissioner Thomas G. Hudson, 1905 - 1912

Commissioner Thomas G. Hudson

Thomas G. Hudson was born to John N. and Amanda M. Hudson on November 11, 1867 near La Crosse in Schley County. After attending Schley County public school and the South Georgia Male and Female College at Dawson, Hudson married Miss Katie Royal and began his agricultural pursuits in Schley and Sumter counties. He served as a representative to the Georgia General Assembly House of Representatives for one term in 1892-93 and served two nonconsecutive terms in the Georgia State Senate in 1896-97 and 1902-04.

On August 1, 1905, Gov. Joseph M. Terrell appointed Hudson as the Commissioner of Agriculture to complete the remainder of O.B. Stevens's final term in office. Commissioner Hudson would go on to serve as Commissioner of Agriculture for nearly four terms before resigning in May of 1912 in order to seek the Democratic Party's nomination for Governor. As Commissioner, Hudson oversaw the creation of the state veterinary office dedicated to eradicating tick fever and bolstering Georgia's dairy and beef cattle herds. On May 10, 1926, Thomas G. Hudson passed away in Sumter County at the age of 58.

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