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Winter 2021 Bulletin 2

ZOOMING into 2021
Happy New Year. Had this been my newsletter article title for the kickoff of 2020, for many the connotation would have simply been the expectation of a fast-paced transition. What a difference a year makes, even with titles. 
Zoom, as we know it today, changed our lives and businesses starting in early spring. How many Zoom, Teams, or other platform meetings have you been on in the last nine months? I cannot count them all. In the tradition of the beginning of the year, I have resolved (hopefully) not to add any more technological options for distance meetings to my computer’s home screen. I pledge to make do with what I have. Hopefully, we will begin to see one another again face-to-face very soon.
I have been encouraged to learn that for most industry partners, business was quite good last year, despite the challenges. I know some who will read this have personally been ill, and lost family members and staff due to Covid-19. This virus has impacted us all. My prayer for each situation is for God’s peace and healing.
Our goal throughout this experience has been to provide uninterrupted service. The early pivot to online training was a success. We have focused on timely processing of licenses. We have adjusted rules on disinfectants and tried to be as accommodating as possible with deadlines. I commend Derrick Lastinger and his team and thank you for your cooperation.
You have a business to run and consumers to serve. We make sure folks stay between the guardrails. We all have a job to do. We want to help you do yours. The structural team stands ready to assist.

May your next Zoom be safe and healthy.

Gary W. Black,
SPD is now using QR code technology on your licensing card to provide easy access to information for the pest control industry.  When an applicator is licensed, a unique page is generated on the website containing the applicator’s details including contact information, license type, license number, certification categories, training deadline, expiration date, and a summary of training for renewal and recertification.  For all new registration and certification cards printed after October 1, 2020, a QR code is being added on the pocket card for each applicator that links to their unique page.  These codes will also be on all new cards issued during the 2021 renewal and will allow easy access to this information by scanning their card with a smart phone or QR reader.  “These codes increase the accessibility for applicators to review their licensing and training information,” says Tim Taylor, of the Structural Pest Division.  Our Department strives to continually move forward providing the pest control industry with services that help them operate in compliance.   The new QR code is one of these areas.      
Georgia Pesticide Clean Day Collection will be on February 10, 2021 at the Mitchell County Stadium in Camilla.  Pre-Registration is required and must be submitted by the deadline of February 5, 2021. 
Due to limited funding for this collection event, pre-registration is mandatory and will be rewarded on the order received by date and time.  The Pre-Registration form, instructions and additional information can be found on the Georgia Clean Day website at
The Georgia Structural Pest Control Commission proposed a state building code amendment that will require the framing/foundation interface (band joist and mudsill area) to be air sealed and insulated with a removable insulation product for pest control inspection of the wood framing members in crawl spaces that are not vented to the outside and an alternative to insulating floors over crawl spaces.  

The current Georgia building code requires termite inspection/view strips at the top and bottom of the foundation wall but allow the framing/foundation interface (band joist and mudsill area) to be covered with permanently fastened insulation, such as spray polyurethane foam, (SPF). However, the installation of SPF on the framing / foundation interface (band joist and mudsill) covers the critical areas that the pest management companies need to visually inspect for termite infestations. The mudsill, band joist and joist ends are the first points at which termites can be detected as they enter the wood structure. Subterranean termites can pass through small - 1/64” cracks and gain access to structural lumber by constructing shelter tubes and climbing up the inside or outside of the foundation wall. Termites can also enter buildings through cracks in the footing and travel through voids in concrete masonry units. Inspection opportunities from the exterior of the building are often obstructed by brick or landscaping features, so inspection from inside the crawlspace is the only option. There are currently no alternative “viable” inspection methods or tools available to perform the inspections through SPF. This amendment will provide for termite inspections, insulation, and air sealing in the band joist area.

The Georgia Department of Community Affairs Building Code Commission is meeting on January 27, 2021 to review proposed code amendments.

Next SPCC meeting is scheduled for January 12, 2021.

Public Notice 20-11 Meeting Schedule 2021


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Registered Employee Training Deadline - February 28th 

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