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The Inside Buzz Newsletter - Special Licensing Issue 2021

Special Licensing Issue 2021

License Renewal  2021 is an odd numbered year and what comes along with odd numbered years?  If your answer is Structural Pest Control License renewal, then you are correct.   All Structural Pest Control Licenses will expire on June 30, 2021.  These include Company, Certified Operators and Registered Employees.  GDA sent out license renewal notices by mail and email.  GDA recommends that licensees verify their mailing address and email address to ensure accuracy.  A late fee will be assessed to any license renewed after July 1, 2021.  If a license is not renewed on or before September 30th, 2021 it will expire. 

Here's what you need to know!

COMPANY LICENSE RENEWALS - Companies will not be able to renew their License unless their insurance is current and the DCO has renewed for the 2021-2023 renewal period.  If you have not received your renewal notice by May 31, 2021, contact GDA.  To help ensure your license renewal is processed in an efficient manner please check the items listed below: 
  • Mailing address is correct
  • Email address is correct
  • Company liability insurance is current with the GDA
  • Registered Employee training requirements are met
  • Active Registered Employees is updated and correct
  • DCO certification is renewed
TECHNICIANS - Registered Employees are required to meet continuing education training requirements in each category of registration.  The training requirements for registered employee includes 8 hours HPC, 8 Hours WDO and 3 Hours FUM.  The training must be completed on or before February 28, 2021 to be applied toward the 2021-2023 renewal period.  If a registered employee took and passed the registered employee exam on or after October 1, 2020, the employee is exempt from having to meet the re-registration training requirements.    
SPD is now using QR code technology on your licensing card to provide easy access to information for the pest control industry.  When an applicator is licensed, a unique page is generated on the website containing the applicator’s details including contact information, license type, license number, certification categories, training deadline, expiration date, and a summary of training for renewal and recertification.  For all new registration and certification cards printed after October 1, 2020, a QR code is being added on the pocket card for each applicator that links to their unique page.  These codes will also be on all new cards issued during the 2021 renewal and will allow easy access to this information by scanning their card with a smart phone or QR reader.  “These codes increase the accessibility for applicators to review their licensing and training information,” says Tim Taylor, of the Structural Pest Division.  Our Department strives to continually move forward providing the pest control industry with services that help them operate in compliance.   The new QR code is one of these areas.      
New Pocket Credentials!  This year we redesigned certification and registration cards.  When you renew, you will receive a card with this new design.
Renewal Fees                                                                                  
Company License             $170.00 (includes UGA Urban Entomology Research Fee)         
Operator Certification        $100.00                                                           
Employee Registration      $10.00                                                                
Sub-Office License            $10.00     

Late Fees - after June 30, 2021, all licensing fees double                                           

Are you not able to renew the License?  Here’s a list of possible reasons:

  • The DCO did not renew their certification(s).
  • The company does not have a designated certified operator.
  • The liability insurance has expired per GDA licensing record.
  • The company/operator is non-compliant with an administrative order or consent agreement.
  • The company has not responded to GDA request to schedule an inspection.         


Training Deadline for Registered Employees - February 28, 2021

  Renewal Notices  - May 15th  


License Renewal DEADLINE - June 30th 

Late Fees added to Renewal - July 1st 

Last Day to Renew  -  September 30th  

We provide compliance assistance on most regulatory requirements.  Contact us with your question(s) and we will be in touch.
If we can’t answer your questions over the phone, we will send out a representative to review your specific situation and documentation and provide guidance on regulatory compliance.
SPD Atlanta Office
Georgia Department of Agriculture
Structural Pest Division, Room 411
Atlanta, Georgia 30334
(404) 656-3641
The Structural Pest newsletter is produced by the Structural Pest Division in an effort to inform all Structural Pest Control Companies and certified operators of state and national updates.  

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