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Spring 2021 Bulletin 3

Why Not Ask?
Who do you contact for regulatory assistance?  Do you contact a co-worker, a competitor, a pest control association official, a family member that’s also in the business, your distributor, a trainer or do you contact a state inspector?  Hopefully you consider all-of-the above but also never hesitate to contact the Georgia Department of Agriculture (GDA) for assistance.  At GDA we have many resources for assistance including our team of inspectors, supervisors, administrative staff and managers.
You may first think of GDA as a regulatory agency but we are also charged with the responsibility to serve as a resource to the regulated community.  In fact, these efforts to assist are a significant part of our program and we can be an invaluable asset to help you and ensure compliance.  We routinely offer compliance assistance as needed and through outreach projects and activities.  We don’t focus on just finding violations and taking enforcement actions, we educate as we regulate to help PMPs understand the rules and regulations by providing guidance to correct the problem.
So, why not ask your question?  Here are five questions PMPs recently asked GDA:
Question: Who is responsible for notifying GDA when a registered employee is no longer employed by the pest control company?
AnswerThe pest control company is responsible for sending a notification to GDA.  The notification should be sent to
Question: I noticed that a pesticide label includes a use restriction for a food area of a food handling establishment.  What is a food handling establishment?
Answer:  A food handling establishment is an area or place other than a private residence in which food is held, processed, prepared and/or served.  Food areas include areas for receiving, serving, storage, packaging, preparing and processing food.
Question:  I have a general pest control contract on a home and the homeowner requested that I manage ants in the yard.  Can I provide this service under my HPC license?
AnswerIf you have a pest control contract on the property and need to treat the yard for ants this application is allowed under your HPC license.
Question: An Official Georgia Wood Infestation Inspection Report (OGWIIR) was issued with no previous or active subterranean termites reported and no preventive control was provided.  Two months later, an active subterranean termite infestation was discovered.  The company installed a U.S. EPA Registered termite baiting system to control the infestation.  When can the company begin charging for the termite control service?
Answer: The company can begin charging for the service one year after the installation of the baiting system.
Question: I’m in the process of revising my service record form.  Will GDA review the form for compliance?  Answer:  GDA applauds PMPs for being proactive!  Yes – we are here to help ensure compliance.  You can request assistance by contacting a state inspector or email
GDA is committed to public and environmental safety, as well as promoting compliance with all state and federal laws and regulations.  It is important to remember that very few inspections lead to enforcement actions with a monetary penalty or a license revocation, but these potential actions will always be part of any regulatory program.  GDA’s efforts in compliance assistance have the potential to offer immediate and long-term compliance. These efforts further support the department’s long-standing basic enforcement policy which is to bring the regulated community into compliance and not put them out of business.
So, why not ask? We are here to help!  It’s important that you ask your question so give us a call the next time you have a regulatory question.  You can also send questions directly to an inspector or email

Derrick is the division director for the Georgia Department of Agriculture’s Structural Pest Division and serves as vice chairman on the Georgia Structural Pest Control Commission.  
The Georgia Structural Pest Control Commission proposed Rule 620-9 Honey Bee Removal & Control.  The Commission received comments during the public comment period and is currently reviewing and discussing these comments before finalizing the proposed rule.

Honeybee Control and Removal (link to the proposed rule and related information)

On October 8, 2020, the Commission submitted a proposal to the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) to amend Georgia's building code to restrict the use of spray polyurethane foam insulation SPF) on the framing/foundation interface (band joist and mudsill area).  If accepted, this amendment to the building code will allow a visual termite inspection of this critical area in homes with crawlspaces that are insulated with SPF.  The Commission has several meetings with the building code committee to review and discuss the proposal this spring and summer.

April 13, 2021 Structural Pest Control Commission monthly meeting
April 14, 2021 DCA Building Code workgroup meeting

Public Notice 21-02 April-May-June Meetings

State Holiday - April 2nd, Good Friday

 Memorial Day - May 31st 

License Renewal Deadline- June 30th

Independence Day - July 5th 
state holiday

We provide compliance assistance on most regulatory requirements.  Contact us with your question(s) and we will be in touch.
If we can’t answer your questions over the phone, we will send out a representative to review your specific situation and documentation and provide guidance on regulatory compliance.
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The Structural Pest newsletter is produced by the Structural Pest Division in an effort to inform all Structural Pest Control Companies and certified operators of state and national updates.  

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