Georgia Department of Agriculture

Shipping Plants into Georgia

Please review Georgia and federal quarantines before shipping plants into Georgia. The following requirements apply to all commercial shipments of plants entering Georgia:

    1. Any Live Plant Grower or Live Plant Dealer who is licensed in another state and in full compliance with all the plant protection laws of that state may sell or distribute Live Plants to locations in Georgia provided:

      a. All Live plants are apparently free from plant pests and are not designated as a Federal Noxious Weed and comply with Georgia Regulations 40-4-7 “Regulations For The Movement Of Vegetable Transplants Into Georgia”, 40-4-24 “Blueberry Scorch Virus Quarantine”, and all other Georgia plant regulations and quarantines
      b. All Live Plants are accompanied by a valid inspection Certificate from the state of origin, and a bill of lading or invoice describing the shipment and licensed destination
      c. The name and address of the Live Plant Grower or Live Plant Dealer has been submitted to the Department as duly licensed in the state of origin by the plant regulatory officials of that state
      d. The state of origin will accept Live Plants from Georgia when properly certified by the Department

    2. Any Live Plant Grower or Live Plant Dealer who operates a sales or growing location in Georgia must be licensed by Georgia

    3. Any Live Plant may be quarantined, returned to place of origin, or destroyed at cost to the owner if the plants are believed to have entered Georgia in violation of Georgia’s Regulations

    A link to Georgia’s regulation on the movement of Live Plants into Georgia can be found here.

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