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Seed Regulations and Testing

NEW Noxious Weed Seed List - Effective February 6, 2020


Through our service seed testing program, farmers, seed conditioners and dealers submitting samples for analysis are assured of standardized testing methods that provide reliable seed quality and labeling information.  Please keep in mind that the laboratory analysis can be only as representative of the seed lot as the submitted sample.  Service samples from individual Georgia citizens are not charged seed testing fees for purity and germination tests; however, requests for special seed quality tests may incur a testing fee.  Service samples submitted by seed dealers for seed analysis will incur a fee per sample as detailed in Seed Testing Fees.

1.  To submit a service sample, please check section 40-12-3-.03, of the Georgia Seed Regulations for the recommended quantity of seed to send for testing.

2.  Enclose a completed Seed Testing Request Form or a statement with your name, address, telephone number, seed kind, variety and lot number (if applicable), seed treatment applied to seed (if applicable) and the test(s) requested.

3.  If you are submitting several samples or plan to routinely submit samples, we request that you use seed sample envelopes that we provide.  These envelopes aid us in managing samples in the laboratory and have spaces for recording all necessary identification information.  Envelopes are available from seed inspectors, county extension agents and by request from the Tifton seed laboratory.

  1. Package the seed in a sturdy container to protect seed from damage during shipping.
  2. Mail sample(s) with necessary identification information to:  

    Tifton Seed 
    PO Box 1507
    3150 U.S. Hwy 41 South
    Tifton, Georgia 31793 


Georgia Seed Law (2-11-26) mandates that all seed dealers be licensed before seed can be sold. Therefore, all establishments offering, exposing or transporting seed for sale in Georgia must apply for a seed dealer's license. Seed dealer licenses are issued for three year intervals. All current seed licenses expire on July 31, 2015 and every subsequent third year, followed by license renewal in August (40-12-8-.01). New seed dealers should apply by submitting a completed Georgia Seed Dealer License Application form. 

Fee requirements: A $100.00 filing fee is required with all new seed dealer license applications and renewals.

Any interstate dealer shipping seed into Georgia should request an out-of-state seed dealer's license packet.   The packet includes an application and all legal forms needed for the process.


 For all seed complaints between a purchaser and seller, the purchaser must file an arbitration complaint against the seller in accordance with the Georgia Seed Law as a prerequisite to initiating any legal action.  Complaints must be filed in a timely manner to permit investigation of the crop in the field.  A $75 filing fee is required when filing arbitration complaints, but may be refunded by the seller on recommendation from the Seed Arbitration Council.  For more detailed information read Georgia Seed Law and Rules.  To file a seed arbitration complaint, please submit a completed Arbitration Complaint Form and the required fee to the Georgia Department of Agriculture.  For more information contact Dedria Smith.

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