Georgia Department of Agriculture

Reporting Unlicensed Operators

Consumers are encouraged to check for proper licensing from persons performing pest control services on their property. Technicians of licensed pest control companies are required by regulation to carry an Employee Identification Card issued by the Department of Agriculture while performing pest control services. A person who wants to solicit any business or perform any structural pest control work in the state of Georgia must have either a certified operator’s license or a registered employee license and work for a licensed company.

The safest approach for consumers is to hire a pest control company licensed with the Georgia Department of Agriculture. You can verify the pest control technician and company license at: Structural Pest Control Licenses. To prevent the illegal use of pesticides in your home by unlicensed operators, beware of unlicensed companies/technicians by asking for proof of license. If you observe and want to report suspected illegal pest control activity, we provide a form for that purpose. Complete the Reporting Unlicensed Operators Form and submit to or mail to 19 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive SW, Room 411, Atlanta GA 30334, or fax to 404-463-6671.

Under the Georgia Structural Pest Control Act, the Structural Pest Section licenses and regulates pest management professionals, specifically those engaged in the business of structural pest control in the state of Georgia. Structural Pest refers to the process intended to eliminate, remove and inspect for unwanted insects and/or animals in or around structures. Anyone who is in the business of pest control, including a single individual, must have a structural pest control company license. For more information on becoming licensed in Georgia please visit our web page. /spc-publications.aspx

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