Georgia Department of Agriculture

Produce Safety Rule: Non-Covered Produce

Produce that is not covered.

Produce that is rarely consumed raw is not covered by the PS Rule. The following crops are rarely consumed raw crops, specifically the produce on the following exhaustive list:

  1. Asparagus; beans, black; beans, great Northern; beans, kidney; beans, lima; beans, navy; beans, pinto; beets, garden (roots and tops); beets, sugar; cashews; cherries, sour; chickpeas; cocoa beans; coffee beans; collards; corn, sweet; cranberries; dates; dill (seeds and weeds); eggplants; figs; ginger; hazelnuts; horseradish; lentils; okra; peanuts; pecans; peppermint; potatoes; pumpkins; squash, winter; sweet potatoes; and water chestnuts.
  2. Produce that is grown for personal consumption or grown for consumption on the farm or another farm under the same management.
  3. Produce that is not a raw agricultural commodity.

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