Georgia Department of Agriculture

Organic Certification Process


    1. The first step for a farm or company to become certified is to contact a certifying agent to begin the application and inspection process. Certifying agents are independent companies who have been trained and certified by the USDA to inspect and certify farms and companies as Certified Organic.

    2. The certifying agent will conduct an inspection of your farm or company's production practices, sanitation practices, record keeping, etc. and perform sales assessments.

    3. Once the inspection and sales assessments have been performed, the certifying agent will decide if you have met the standards for Organic Certification. If your company or farm passes, you will receive and Organic Certificate stating that you are a Certified Organic Producer or Handler (depending on which category you fall under).
*To locate a list of certifying agents who are registered with the Georgia Department of Agriculture, click here.

*For information on the USDA's rules and regulations for the National Organic Program, click here.


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