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Internship FAQs

Q: What are the eligibility requirements to apply for an internship?

You must be a currently enrolled undergraduate or graduate student, law student or not more than one year past graduation. You must be either a Georgia resident or attending a Georgia college, university or law school.

Q: If I apply for an internship and am not selected, can I re-apply for the next quarter/semester?

Yes. If the GDA Intern Program does not select you for the semester in which you are applying, you are welcome to apply again for a later term if you are still eligible.

Q: If I am placed in the GDA’s Intern Program this summer, can I participate again next summer?

Because there are a limited number of internships per semester, you may participate only once. We want as many students as possible to experience this opportunity. Supervisors will have an option to hire part-time employees as need and could call on a former intern should an opportunity arise.

Q: Can I get academic credit?

Yes. You may arrange for academic credit through your academic advisor. If necessary the Internship Coordinator or your direct supervisor (once placed) may serve as the contact person for your academic advisor.

Q: I do not live near my preferred internship sites. Can you provide housing?

The GDA’s Intern Program cannot provide housing for you; however, you may wish to look into Emory University Summer Intern Housing Program (SIHP), which provides affordable and comfortable accommodations for summer interns at the Clairmont Campus. For more information visit the SIHP website at

Q: Do you provide transportation to my internship site?

The GDA’s Intern Program cannot provide transportation for interns. MARTA has two stations that are located near headquarters; the Georgia State Station (directly across from the GDA in the Twin Towers complex) or the Five Points station (two blocks west of the GDA at Underground Atlanta). Once an intern has been established as a temporary state employee, a parking space may be reserved for the duration of the internship through the Georgia Building Authority.

Q: How long is the program? When is my first day of work?

Fall and spring semester internships are 18 weeks, and the summer internship at 13 weeks. The GDA’s Intern Program strives to schedule the internship dates and deadlines in accordance with the academic schedule of most Georgia colleges, universities, and law schools. Please check the calendar to see when the internship in which you are interested begins.

Q: Are all the internships located in Atlanta?

No. While the majority of internship opportunities are available through headquarters in Atlanta, we also have a limited number of openings at our Tifton Agriculture Laboratory.

Q: How do I apply?

Please email your resume and cover letter in a .doc or .pdf format to, noting the term you are applying for in the subject field.

Q: How many days/hours can I intern per week?

Interns may work up to 40 hours per week, but no more. You and your supervisor will determine the days and number of hours that are best for you and the office. Keep in mind that if you are interning for academic credit, most programs require you to intern a minimum number of hours per week.

Q: Can I request to work in a specific area at the GDA?

There are many divisions and programs at the GDA; we strongly encourage you to list your preferred areas of interest when applying. Keep in mind that working in one division will not prevent you from having the opportunity to work with other divisions and programs. The more specific you are about your interests and desire to learn about different aspects of the Department's activities, the more the Department can try to ensure that your internship experience is beneficial and provides exposure to areas of your interests.

Q: What kind of work will I be doing as an intern?

Each division and underlying sections have different needs and requirements, and your duties are at the discretion of your supervisor. During your interview with the participating agency, you may be given more specifics regarding duties. Some of your responsibilities may include: Providing administrative support; giving guest tours of the Department headquarters and Tifton Lab facilities; shadowing and working with field officers during agriculture inspections; laboratory studies, research and testing; promoting and assisting with Department activities and Georgia Grown products and marketing events; and generally serving as an advocate for Georgia agriculture.

Q: What kind of writing sample should I submit?

An academic paper, an opinion piece written for a school newspaper, a press release composed for a PR class, or a similar work would be appropriate. Feel free to submit just an excerpt or selection of a longer work in order to not exceed the page maximum.

Q: How much does it pay?

The interns receive an hourly wage of $10 per hour for their full-time internship.

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