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Integrated Pest Management for Georgia Schools and Child Care Facilities

Integrated Pest Management for Georgia Schools and Child Care Facilities

IPM is a philosophy of pest management based on a decision making process aimed at achieving sustainable reductions in pest populations and their potential for growth. Successful IPM programs incorporate judicious use of control methods, including, but not limited to, sanitation, habitat modification, exclusion, repellents, pheromones, and pesticides.

The overall goal of IPM in schools and child care facilities is to maintain a safe environment for building occupants by preventing, reducing, or eliminating pest problems while using reduced-risk pest management methods.

Our hope is that this manual will encourage schools and child care facilities to develop and implement IPM programs and train their personnel to become familiar with IPM practices. IPM in itself is not a goal to be reached, but a way to achieve the goal of effective, sustainable pest management.


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Integrated Pest Management for Schools and Child Care Facilities
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Technical Assistance

  • Schools and child care facilities may request technical assistance regarding applicator certification, pesticide applications or to request a compliance audit. Pest management professionals may also contact GDA for technical assistance regarding regulatory requirements for applicator licensing, pesticide applications and other pesticide related laws and regulations.

  • University of Georgia Extension offers diagnostic services, such as insect identification, to Georgia residents through their county offices.

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