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Feral Hogs

The Georgia Department of Agriculture has new rules regarding the transportation and holding of live feral hogs. These rules will be effective January 1, 2019. Feral hog holding facilities will require a Feral Hog Facility License and anyone transporting live feral hogs will require a Feral Hog Transport Permit. Feral Hog Holding Facilities will require a pre-license inspection and, upon compliance, a license will be issued. Pre-license inspections will begin upon receipt of application. Starting January 1, 2019, Feral Hog Holding Facilities will be granted a 90-day grace period to come into compliance with the new rules.

To read these feral hog rules - click here


  • Feral Hog Facility License - $100 annual fee
  • Feral Hog Transport Permit - $15 annual fee


Feral Hog Travel Permits
Feral Hog Facilities Licensing

Important Notes:

  1. A Feral Hog Holding Facility that is also transporting feral hogs must obtain a Feral Hog Transport Permit, in addition to a feral hog facility license.

  2. Feral Hog Facilities must have a Premises ID for the physical location at which the feral hogs will be held. Please have your Premises ID number ready before beginning the application process for facility licenses. Your application cannot be completed without this number. If you do not have a Premises ID number Click Here to obtain a Premises ID application. If you are unsure of your Premises ID number, please call our Livestock and Poultry Office at (404) 656-3665.
  3. To inquire about your permit or license status - please contact GDA Licensing at 855-4-AG-LICENSE (855-424-5423).


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