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The Feed Program administers the rules and regulations of the Georgia Commercial Feed Act related to animal feeds by regulating labeling and minimum quality standards for animal feed offered, exposed or transported for sale in Georgia. The program is responsible for licensing of feed manufacturers and consumer protection related to animal feed.

The Georgia Feed Laws and Rules and Regulations require that all feed manufacturers obtain a commercial feed license and register all pet foods or specialty pet foods in packages of 10 pounds or less. This Law is designed to ensure that feed manufacturers properly label their products. This is done by label review and product sampling.

Fee requirements: $75.00 for original license, $40.00 per pet food or specialty pet food less than or equal to 10 pounds. The license fee is based on annual tonnage (maximum license fee and registration fees-$2,000.00) sold.

A notarized Consent to Service of Process Form is required of all out of state companies.

Complaints & Incidents

The Georgia Department of Agriculture works diligently to ensure that animal feed is manufactured and held in a manner that is responsible and in accordance with state and federal guidelines. Please complete the Animal Feed Incident Form should you believe an alleged adverse incident has occurred.


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