Ga Dept of Agriculture


Carrie R. Crabtree, PhD - Director of Laboratory Division

Dr. Carrie Ross Crabtree

Dr. Carrie Ross Crabtree is a native of Tifton, Georgia where she grew up on her family's row crop farm. Dr. Crabtree spent her formative years developing a love of agriculture from the ground up working in cotton and peanut fields.

Dr. Crabtree has always had an interest in agriculture, especially animal agriculture. She began her lifelong pursuit of knowledge at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College (ABAC) as an animal science major. After graduating ABAC, she transferred to the University of Georgia (UGA). At UGA, Dr. Crabtree discovered an interest in environmental science and decided to dual major in Animal Science and Environmental Health Science.

She continued her education at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC) to further her knowledge of how to combine animal agriculture with environmental science, in particular how to reduce waste naturally while producing energy that could be used on farm. While at UTC, she researched bacterial batteries utilizing waste for her Master of Science thesis. Not content to stop there, she once again attended UGA for her Doctorate degree where she studied ruminant nutrition, feed science, and anaerobic digestion of cattle waste for on-farm methane production. Needless to say, her expertise areas are diverse.

Dr. Crabtree began her professional career at ABAC where she served as an Assistant Professor of Biology from 2012-2016. In August of 2016, she joined the Georgia Department of Agriculture as the Quality Assurance Director. Since joining GDA she earned the responsibilities and titles of Assistant Laboratory Division Director and Pesticide Program Manager.

Dr. Crabtree was appointed the Laboratory Division Director on August 16th, 2021.