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As part of this regulatory effort and as a service to Georgia customers, SPS will, under certain conditions, conduct inspections of structures that have been serviced by pest control companies. Reasons for an inspection request may include:

  • If a structure is under current contract with a licensed pest control company for the control of wood destroying organisms such as termites, wood boring beetles, or wood decay fungi.
  • If a structure has been treated for a wood destroying organism by a licensed pest control company within the last 5 years or the contract has expired within the last two years.
  • Incomplete or inaccurate Official Georgia Wood Infestation Inspection Reports (also known as a “termite letter” when purchasing a home)
  • Structural pesticide applications that are thought to be harmful to the health of people or the environment such as pesticides being applied in a school while children are present.
  • If there is a conflict between two licensed pest control companies.
  • Operating a pest control company without a license


If you meet any of the above conditions and would like to arrange for a Department of Agriculture field agent to inspect your structure, please complete the Structural Pest Control Inspection Request Form and request by sending the inspection form to or faxing the form to 404-463-6671.

Inspection Process
When your request is received it will be reviewed and assigned to a structural pest control field agent. The agent will contact you and determine a time to meet at the property. The field agent may ask additional questions, request copies of contracts, service tickets, or letters and gather physical evidence. The agent may contact the pest control company to collect relevant information from the company or individual involved in the inspection. Once the inspection file is complete, the field agent will submit the file and report to the Structural Pest Control Section for enforcement review.

The case file will be reviewed and if violations are found an appropriate enforcement response will be considered. Enforcement responses may include a warning letter, corrective action, monetary penalty, additional training requirement and license modifications. The process can take as little as a few days or as long as a few months, depending on the circumstances involved in the case. The Structural Pest Control Section’s jurisdiction is limited to determining if a violation of the Structural Pest Control Act has occurred and does not include the authority in areas such as:

  • require a licensee to enter into a settlement
  • customer service issue
  • settle contractual dispute
  • collection, billing or refund issue
  • termite damage repair warranty


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