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Compliance Assistance

Compliance assistance is a program priority that focuses on helping the structural pest control operators meet their requirements under the Georgia Structural Pest Control Act and related laws and regulations. Compliance assistance includes activities, tools or technical assistance which would help the pest management community understand and comply with regulatory requirements.

The Georgia Department of Agriculture (GDA) is charged with the responsibility to regulate pesticide use under federal and state laws; the department also serves as a resource to the regulated community. GDA efforts to assist pest management professionals to stay in compliance and provide assistance are supported by activities such as: outreach, guidance policies, training, compliance assistance visits, and responding to questions.

Compliance Assistance Modules (CAM)

CAMs are part of an effort to enhance assistance and improve compliance as outlined in the Georgia Department of Agriculture‚Äôs Strategic Plan.  The CAM is a tool for inspection staff to communicate regulatory requirements during routine compliance monitoring inspections. The CAM Library is also a resource for pest management professionals to utilize for training purposes.

Compliance Assistance Inspections

Compliance inspections are routine for new companies and typically conducted 3-4 months after the company license is issued to help the company get off on the right foot. These inspections include compliance monitoring in the following areas: pesticide use, pesticide use record keeping, contracts, pesticide storage and disposal, vehicles, and licensing.

If any violations are noted, compliance assistance is provided during the inspection. This includes discussing the violations, what regulation was violated, how to comply and providing resources such as guidance policies.

Compliance Monitoring

Routine company inspections are conducted to monitor compliance with a the Georgia Structural Pest Control Act and related laws and regulations. During these inspections, violations are documented for the inspection record and to provide the company with this information. Compliance assistance with new rules, policies, and significant pesticide label changes is provided during the routine inspection.

Self-Auditing and Reporting

To encourage PMPs to self-audit and self-report compliance violations, GDA has adopted a self-reporting enforcement response policy. The department is committed to public and environmental safety, as well as promoting compliance with all state and federal laws and regulations. Our efforts in compliance assistance have the potential to offer immediate and long term compliance.

Guidance Policies and Fact Sheets

Sometimes laws, rules and regulations need further interpretation and guidance to comply. The department and the Georgia Structural Pest Control Commission have developed policies, guidance documents and fact sheets to assist PMPs with compliance.

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