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The Bonding Section is responsible for handling all records and matters relating to agricultural  surety bonds. Various Georgia laws require that certain businesses or individuals purchasing agricultural products (fruits, vegetables, eggs and pecans) from or selling for Georgia producers or storing certain agricultural products (see warehousing in list below) maintain adequate surety bond coverage. The purpose of this coverage is to provide limited financial protection for our Georgia producer or the individual storing the product. The following businesses and individuals are required to maintain surety bond coverage with the Department.

  • Cotton Dealers
  • Cotton Warehouses
  • Grain Warehouses
  • Grain Dealers
  • Dealers in Agricultural Products
  • Brokers/Sales Agents of Agricultural Products
  • Distributors of Agricultural Products
  • Chain Stores
  • Livestock/Equine Sales Establishments
  • Livestock/Equine Dealers
  • Livestock/Equine Brokers/Livestock Sales Agents

The Bonding Section checks the bonds to ensure adequate coverage for licensing and that it is issued by an approved company, coordinates with federal bonding agencies, investigates nonpayment complaints, performs audits, and handles bond claims. Any Georgia producer who wants to verify surety bond coverage of a buyer, make a bond claim or has a nonpayment complaint can contact the Bonding Office for assistance.