Georgia Department of Agriculture

Export Certification Programs

The Georgia Department of Agriculture (GDA) assists Georgia farmers and exporters by providing inspections and export certification for plants, agricultural commodities, and other items being exported out of state. These inspections, when mandated by the receiving state or country, verify a shipment meets a destination country or state's import requirements. Export certification seeks to prevent the spread of invasive pests from one part of the world to another by inspecting agricultural products before they are shipped. Export certificates are provided on a fee-for-service basis.

GDA issues three basic export certificates depending on the destination of a shipment, the importing requirements of that destination, and the needs of the applicant:

    1. State Phytosanitary Certificate - issued for the interstate export of agricultural products from Georgia

    2. Federal Phytosanitary Certificate - issued for the international export of agricultural products from Georgia

    3. Commodity Export Certification Programs - programs offered to producers which have been designed to facilitate the shipment of specific commodities to states that regulate Georgia for certain pests. To find a listing of these programs, click here.


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