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Georgia Department of Agriculture

Vidalia® Onions Have Arrived

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Press Release
Tuesday, April 23, 2019
Office of Communications

Vidalia® Onions Have Arrived

Atlanta, GA- Georgia's official state vegetable is officially in season, beloved Vidalia® onions can now be found in grocery stores around the world. Grown only from Georgia soil, the Vidalia® onion is available for a limited time. Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture Gary W. Black released the following statement about the world-renowned onion:

"The sweetest onions on earth are certainly living up to their reputation this year. Thanks to the hardworking farm families of nature’s favorite state, the quality of nature’s favorite onion is exceeding expectations. We are proud to offer our sweet Vidalia onions to all those who have been patiently awaiting their arrival."

The Georgia Department of Agriculture has compiled assets related to the Vidalia® onions for media use,


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