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Georgia Department of Agriculture


Commissioner Gary W. Black

Take 5: Market Bulletin Makeover

1. Who do you think should read the Bulletin?

  The Market Bulletin is a great tool for farmers, but in the last generation or two, it’s gotten to be a way for Georgians who might not live on a farm to stay connected to agriculture in some way. I have people tell me time and time again, “I can’t wait until I get my Market Bulletin,” or “The Market Bulletin is an old friend I get to sit down with every two weeks.” The real answer is that anyone who wants to sit down and connect with food and agriculture – whether they’re a stay-at-home mom, a chef or just someone who wants to learn – ought to read the Market Bulletin.

2. What made you want to first subscribe to the Bulletin?

  I subscribed the first time when I was in high school. I wanted something to come in the mail with my name on it, and I might see my picture in. That’s why it’s such a good tool for students and those in FFA and 4-H. It’s a place they can learn something about agriculture and they can be recognized for their participation in agriculture there, too.

3. What’s your favorite feature of the Bulletin?

  The Farm Supplies ad category. Frankly right now, that’s our catch-all category, and there is always something inter­esting there. I have livestock at home, so I probably live vicariously through those Farm Supplies advertisers who have rough-sawn lumber, as I hope to have a portable sawmill someday and be a Market Bulletin advertiser.

4. If you could bring back any part of a “retro” edition, what would it be?

  I think our equine, farmland and pick-your-own issues have always been popular, and as a matter of fact we’re brainstorming right now about having a feature issue once a month: an agritourism issue, a livestock issue. That being said, I’d love for the Bulletin to be full of reports of regular events at the Atlanta State Farmer’s Market. At one time, it was a real destination, and that’s why we’ve been working hard on our farmer’s showcases, to see it again as an activity center for Georgia agriculture.

5. Where do you see the Bulletin five years from now?

  I would love for the Bulletin to be back to being a weekly publication. I’d love for us to be able to expand to 16 pages so that we’d be able to have more stories. But our limiting factor is people. If we had a circulation of 100,000 paid subscribers, we’re in the game of being able to achieve some of those goals. I would love to see that, and I encour­age every subscriber to share with their neighbors and friends why the Market Bulletin should come in their mailbox.



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