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Georgia Department of Agriculture

Structural Pest

Structure Pest Division COVID-19 Updates

Derrick Lastinger
Program Director

Mailing Address:
Georgia Department of Agriculture
Structural Pest Section
19 M.L.K. Jr. Drive, SW, Room 411
Atlanta, GA 30334
Tele: (404) 656 - 3641
Fax: (404) 463 - 6671


Information for the Georgia Consumer

Information for Pest Management Professionals

Reporting Unlicensed Operators

Licensing Secure and Verifiable Requirements

Add New Registered Employee

Under the Georgia Structural Pest Control Act, the Structural Pest Section (SPS) licenses and regulates pest management professionals, specifically those engaged in the business of structural pest control in the state of Georgia. Structural Pest refers to the process intended to eliminate, remove and inspect for unwanted insects and/or animals in or around structures. Anyone who is in the business of pest control, including a single individual, must have a structural pest control company license.

Our mission is to provide a vital function in the protection of the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Georgia and the environment by licensing, regulating and enforcing state and federal structural pesticide laws. With compliance assistance efforts a priority, the program strives to prevent human and environmental harm by providing exceptional customer service to the public and the industry. To achieve our mission, the SPS maintains a balance between compliance assistance, education, consumer protection and regulatory actions.


Certification & Training

Tim Taylor
Licensing Specialist
Tele: (404)-656-3641

Compliance & Enforcement

Alex Conti
Compliance Specialist
Tele: (404)-656-3641

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