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Simple BBQ rub

Simple BBQ rub


Chef Rusty Bowers, the owner/butcher at Pine Street Market in Atlanta, who was named a 2017 Georgia Grown Chef by the Georgia Department of Agriculture and the Georgia Restaurant Association.

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Prep: 10 minutes



1 Tbsp. black peppercorn
½ Tbsp. cumin Seeds
½ Tbsp. dried thyme
½ Tbsp. dried marjoram
½ Tbsp. cayenne
2 Tbsps. paprika
1 Tbsp. mustard powder
3 Tbsps. dark brown sugar




Grind the black peppercorn, cumin and thyme in a spice grinder. Mix with remaining spice in a large mixing bowl to evenly combine. Make sure to season the meat with Kosher salt before seasoning with the rub.

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