Ga Dept of Agriculture


Scrapie Tag Information


The National Scrapie Eradication Program provides free metal ear tags to sheep and goat producers. Prior to October 1, 2017 the program also provided plastic tags and applicators. Producers also have an option to purchase their own official eartags/devices from approved tag companies.

Call 1-866-USDA-TAG (866-873-2824) or 404-656-3667 order scrapie tags for Georgia sheep and goats or order online at Scrapie Tag Order Form. You will need to request a Scrapie premises identification number and Scrapie Flock ID be assigned to your flock. If you want to purchase 840 RFID or 840 visual only tags also request that a National Premises Identification Number be assigned to your flock.

  • If you want to use USDA metal eartags that are provided free to producers, request the number of tags that you will need for a three year period. The 505S applicator for the official metal tags can be purchased directly from the National Band and Tag Company at (859) 261-2035.

If you would prefer to purchase a different kind of eartag or device, contact one of the approved tag companies listed at to purchase the eartags or device and applicator. Approved eartag companies offer a wider range of colors, styles and devices.