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Georgia Department of Agriculture

Reporting A Problem With A Purchased Plant

Our goal is that only plants in good health, well maintained, and pest-free are sold. Licensed plant growers and retailers are well aware that a loyal customer base is developed by satisfied customers. 
Please contact the grower or retailer immediately if you notice any problems with your order (wrong variety, size, poor physical condition, insects or disease present, etc.).   If you are unable to reach an agreement with the grower or retailer please contact the Plant Protection Section. 
Time is important!  For plant condition or pest issues, we are able to inspect only within a limited time after you receive the plant(s) or sod – generally 21 days.
In order to document the plant’s poor health, disease, or insect infestation originated with the seller, you will need to provide:
a)     a description of the problem
b)    a photograph or digital image of the plant(s) or sod at time of delivery, and
c)     a copy of the invoice.
Occasionally, a customer may doubt if the correct variety was delivered.  In these cases, the plants may need to go through a growing season, or multiple seasons, before the variety can be determined. We will also need to identify a diagnostic lab or person who can identify the plants in question to determine if the correct variety was delivered.


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