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Georgia Department of Agriculture

Protecting Georgia's Pollinators


Protecting Georgia's Pollinators

In 2014, faculty members from the University of Georgia, Department of Entomology, and the Georgia Department of Agriculture began work on a document that would become "Protecting Georgia's Pollinators".

Protecting Georgia's Pollinators is not a regulatory document.

    The purpose of this effort was to:

  • provide practical suggestions to anyone interested in pollinators
  • encourage communication between landowners and beekeepers, and
  • encourage protection of managed bee colonies and native pollinators
Drafts of "Protecting Georgia's Pollinators" were sent to the Georgia's crop commodity commissions, agriculture industry organizations, and professional associations (e.g. Georgia Farm Bureau, Georgia Cotton Commission, Beekeepers Association, Georgia Fruit and Vegetable Association, Certified Pest Control Operators of Georgia, Georgia Pest Control Association, etc.) for comment. Additionally, two public meetings were held to gather input.


After incorporating the appropriate comments, the commodity commissions, industry organizations, and professional associations were asked to approve the document. We were pleased to see that many organizations submitted letters of endorsement.

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