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Mike Evans, Program Director

Welcome to the Plant Protection area! The Plant Protection Section conducts pest surveys for new insects, diseases, and invasive weeds that could harm Georgia’s agriculture interests. We monitor for new pests using a variety of tools including pheromone traps and visual surveys. The Georgia Forestry Commission, the University of Georgia, and the USDA Plant Protection and Quarantine have cooperated together with us for many years in effort to protect the state's agricultural and natural resources from invasive pests.

An important pest detection tool is our Plant Health Inspection program. Because a very common means of moving plant pests is through live plants, all businesses that sell plants are required to be licensed and inspected.

Plant Protection Section also licenses and inspects commercial queen and package bee producers. Hobby beekeepers are not required to register or license their hives with the Department of Agriculture.

Some states and most countries have established regulations that restrict or even prohibit certain products from entering their borders due to concerns that new plant pests may become established. We work with Georgia growers to facilitate the export of plants, fruits, and vegetables.

Staff Directory:
Janice Sloan
Administration and Licensing
Tel: (404) 586-1140
Fax: (770) 228-7219

Jamie Arrington
Plant Health Inspections
Tele: (404) 586-1140
Fax: (770) 228-7219

Tammie Beasley
Export Certification Assistance
Tele: (229) 386-3464
Fax: (229) 386-7052

David Williams
Apiary and Export Certification Programs
Tele: (229) 386-7050
Fax: (229) 386-7052

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