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Georgia Department of Agriculture
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Atlanta, GA 30334 
Tele: 404-656-4958
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The Pesticide Division enforces state and federal laws pertaining to the use and application of pesticides.  Under the Georgia Pesticide Use and Application Act this section monitors the use of pesticides in a variety of pest management situations including commercial farming, lawn care/landscaping, forestry, public health, right-of-way, etc.  It also licenses private and commercial pesticide applicators and pesticide contractors.  Under the Georgia Pesticide Control Act the division licenses restricted use pesticide dealers and registers all pesticides for sale and distribution in Georgia.  Additionally, the Pesticide Division licenses wood treatment facilities, inspects irrigation systems for chemigation, coordinates a pesticide container recycling program and waste pesticide collection program.


Brad Baker
Field Operations Manager
Tele: (404)-656-4958
Fax: (404)-657-8378
Rick Hayes
Pesticide Program Special Projects
Clean Day Program
Tele: (404)-656-4958
Fax: (404)-657-8378
Adrienne Andrews
Pesticide Product Registration
Tele: (404)-656-4958
Nancy Hall
Pesticide Complaints and Enforcement
Program Operation Specialist

Tele: (404)-656-9371
Fax: (404)-657-8378
T’Mya Tomlinson
Pesticide Applicator Certification and Training
Tele: (404)-656-4958