Ga Dept of Agriculture


Pet Dealer Inventory Form


Keeps a monthly inventory of animals.


Record Keeping:  40-13-13-.04 , Complete and accurate records must be maintained feflecting all acquisitions, purchases, sales, releases, natural additions, exchanges, adoptions, custodial care, and health records of all animals.  Retail sale records for fish, rodents, and invertebrates are exempt from record keeping requirement.  These records must be maintained for a period of twelve month and must be made available to the Commissioner or his authorized representative upon request.  In addition, records for dogs, cats, gbirds, and equine shall include, but are not limited to, name, address, and phone number of individual(s) involved in the transaction, date of transaction or activity, type and number of animals, and Georgia Department of Agriculture animal protection/stable license number, if applicable.




Mark Murrah
Tele: 404-656-3667
Fax: 404-463-8195


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