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Georgia Department of Agriculture

Resources & Outreach

The Georgia Department of Agriculture participates in activities to foster communication and information exchange among regulators, industry, academia, and consumers. The Food Safety Division coordinates and participates in outreach activities throughout the year, to provide educational information on food safety and defense issues. The Food Safety Division currently offers an information table and/or live presentations and demonstrations at GDA Georgia Grown Showcase events, the Georgia National Fair, Sunbelt Ag Expo and career and internship fairs around the State of Georgia. Our staff also routinely presents at industry and commodity meetings upon request.

To schedule a Food Safety Division employee at your next event, please contact Jessica Badour at Information to include: Name, date, start/end time and location of the event; estimated number of attendees; age/grade range if at a school, or for a particular audience/demographic; whether you would like a presentation or general information, and any other details that might be helpful.



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  • Georgia Grown Moment - Superbowl
  • Georgia Grown Moment - Keeping Our Memorial Day burgers tasty and safe

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