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Oliver Farm Artisan Oils Win Food Category in Garden & Gun’s <em>Made in the South Awards


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Press Release
Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Oliver Farm Artisan Oils Win Food Category in Garden & Gun’s Made in the South Awards

Oliver Farm Artisan Oils win Food Category of the prestigious Made in the South Awards. The awards are a Garden & Gun Magazine competition. Oliver Farm Artisan Oils have become the culinary choice of locals as well as foodies across the country. Georgia Grown member Oliver Farm learns of this award just days after being notified that its products are also Good Food Awards finalists for 2016.

Garden & Gun Magazine released the announcement of the Made in the South Awards that will be included in the December 2015/January 2016 issue. With nearly 1,000 entries, the selection of Oliver Farm’s Artisan Oils is humbling for the Oliver Family. “Clay and I are humbled and grateful for this recognition” said Valerie Oliver. In his interview for the Garden & Gun competition, Clay Oliver shared “The flavor of oil made with quality nuts can be a revelation.” That distinction is what consumers identify as the difference in the Oliver Farm Oils vs other nut oils. When you clearly taste the quality nut in the oil, you know you have produced a truly natural product with all the good flavor and nutritional attributes of that nut. “All of the Oliver Farm Artisan Oils are cold pressed, unrefined and non-GMO. This process allows us to deliver pure oil that tastes like the nut it comes from and also retains the nutrients and health benefits that are lost in some other forms of processing”, added Clay. Just two years after he first sent out samples, you’ll now find his oils at some of the best restaurants in the country: Miller Union in Atlanta; Husk in Nashville and Charleston, South Carolina; Extra Fancy in Brooklyn, NY. Many farm to table restaurants and acclaimed chefs are using Oliver Farm Oils and sharing recipes. Interest in the Green Peanut Oil spiked when Chef Sean Brock listed it in his cookbook, Heritage. Many other local and celebrated chefs have discovered and are expanding uses for these exceptional culinary gems. And he has earned a following among home cooks who swear by them for everything from frying fish to sautéing vegetables to finishing salads.

Oliver Farm Artisan Oils are very versatile in use. Oliver Farm Oils are great for sautéing, can be used in baking, salad dressings, dips, marinades and even as a butter substitute. Recipes and uses are available at The Oliver Farm website also lists retail locations where the product may be purchased locally. All Oliver Farm products can be ordered through the website store as well. But Oliver’s number-one buyer is still his local grocery store: “Nothing makes me happier or more proud than my hometown supporting us.”

“We are very pleased that our Georgia Grown products are being recognized nationally” added Clay. Oliver Farm Pecan Oil won the Good Food Award for 2015 and is recognized as the benchmark for Artisan Oils. Oliver Farm Sunflower and Green Peanut Oils are finalists for the Good Food Awards in 2016. Oliver Oils are produced on the Oliver Farm, a Centennial Farm, near Pitts (Wilcox County), GA. Clay is a fifth generation farmer continuing a legacy of over 100 years in his family. Clay and his wife Valerie have two daughters, Maggie and Mollie.

Clay Oliver         email:         229.406.0906


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