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(Illustration by Erin White)

Farming social media for opportunity

By Jay Jones

Visitors to Tara Green's Instagram account (@greengatefarmers_wife) will see cows and chickens and the work she and her husband, Steven, do to keep their farm in Middle Georgia going. Her presence on social media is more about telling their story than selling products.

"I felt like that was something we really needed to do, and I kept pushing it away, pushing it away until finally in December I was like, you know, I feel like we're really called to do this and to share our story," Green said. "There's not a lot of other poultry farmers on social media."

More and more, agriculture producers are turning to social media as part of their marketing strategy. And if done right, social media can be an important part of a farm's business operations.

BarbaraAnn Collins, Albany program coordinator for the Small Business Development Center of the University of Georgia, said social media is a potent medium today. The key to success is consistency and keeping it simple.

"You would rather do one social media platform and do it really well and have a consistent brand than to be on three, four, seven, eight different platforms but posting across them inconsistently," Collins said. She added that the SBDC works with people to identify their target audience and choose the best social media platform for reaching them.

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